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Length: 3:48
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Wrong house. Wrong girl. Jane Chi is on fire.

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by belizaney  
That takedown was dope. She beat him from the kitchen all the way to the living room lol ()
by Gabigrey  
Wow she really did a Hurricanrana, this girl is so good she could dominate in WWE no kidding. I've gotta watch more of her ()
by fahwhsjjsshdhej503  
She’s got some really good reflexes. Loved how she turned the tables all with a smile. Watching her handle the situation with such poise and confidence was remarkable. It’s not often you see someone manage to turn things around so effortlessly. Damn , The robber got owned. ()
by kberhanu15111  
home invasion takes a hilarious turn! Turns out this robber wasn't expecting a black belt in his loot. Who needs an alarm system when you have flying kicks loved it ()
by bigaction  
Love this one! More from Jane Chi please. ()