• This is one reason every girl should learn self-defense. I love this. >> Rough Road
  • You make me want to go back to training, Zxameiya. Black girls killing this! >> Zxamieya
  • Lol was the back breaking necessary >> Street Juice
  • Nice reward for underestimating her...she did good! >> Cheater
  • I heard the wind crying in pain from those kicks, lol. I'm curious to ask, do you teach others how... >> Quick Kicks
  • Never get yourself in trouble with a super girl! >> Deadly Doll
  • Sexiest fighter...You are a masterpiece girl! >> Deadly Doll
  • Well done Mankah! >> Warning Shot
  • Serves him right! I love those fire kicks. >> Cheater
  • When your trainee becomes the boss...He was wrong to judge you by how you looked. lol! I'm glad you... >> Bad Trainer

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